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--Jay Natalie

--Mike Odel

--Chance Hodgson

--Don Lunan

I was privilege to attend the class for IICRC Master Senior Carpet Inspection class with John Carter as the instructor. I found the class to be extremely interesting and insightful. I have owned retail flooring stores for almost 30 years and I still learned an amazing amount of knowledge in just one short week. I would highly recommend this class to anyone in the floor covering industry, even if your goal is not to be an inspector, it will help you in every part of your career.
Lodi California
Hello John, I want to say thank you for a great class. I was not sure what to expect, but the whole experience turned out great. I gained a lot of general knowledge about carpet i had forgotten or never learned. The literature is concise and easy to understand. I especially enjoyed the morning report reviews because it took the fear out of writing reports for the first time. Your teaching style was to the point with little to no wasted time or energy. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a carpet inspector.
Bryan Vasu
Monterey California
Hi John, Thank you for a good school. I very much appreciated both the technical and practical instruction. The evening report writing makes for a long day but, the morning reviews are very much worth the effort. I felt prepared and comfortable taking the IICRC exam. I attended an Inspector School many years ago, became certified, and inspected for a while. All that time I never felt good about my report writing skills, and the inspection is all about the report. The Inspection Manual, daily writing, and reviews have helped me become more at ease and confident with report writing. I am certain that practice, coaching, and experience will make me a good Carpet Inspector.
Jerry Grant
Springfield Missouri
Hi John, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Senior Carpet Inspection course. I’ve been in the flooring industry for nearly 20 years yet I still found the curriculum both informative and challenging. Your instruction and course materials proved invaluable in helping to organize and absorb such vital information, making it easy to apply what we learned to real world situations. Thanks so much!
Charles Chambers
Elk Grove California
I liked the fact that John used his field experience to provide practical examples of the material he was teaching as it helped me better understand the course material. I really enjoyed the layout of the course manuals and they were very easy to navigate through.
Robbie Wilbur
The one thing I liked most about the instructor can be summed up in one word, “Experience”. In all the years of my learning in these schools I think the Carpet Inspector University was by far the best one
Greg Burns Sr.
CPS Services
John’s in-depth understanding of the role of the Carpet Inspector and application of the course material to the real world made this course well worth attending. The Carpet Inspector manual and Report Writing manual were very good and easy to understand.
Ian Simms
Site Measure Pro
I really enjoyed the emphasis John placed on report writing during the course. John was also very knowledgeable and I also felt that the Carpet Inspector manual and Report Writing manual were very well laid out and easy to understand.
Jim Meehan
I enjoyed the fact that John was very easy to talk to and answered all of my questions fully. The course manuals were well laid out and easy to understand. I also like the fact that John invited each student to call or email him for future help and advice.
Charles Chambers
Steven Sawyer