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The content of the course is approved by the IICRC to teach students and prepare them to fulfill the examination and writing requirements to receive certification from IICRC as a Senior Carpet Inspector










About Carpet Inspector Training

This six day live stream course is designed to teach students the science of Carpet Inspection. The content of the course is approved by the IICRC to teach students and prepare them to fulfill the examination and writing requirements to receive certification from IICRC as a Senior Carpet Inspector. The course emphasizes the development of the critical analytical and writing skills needed to become a successful carpet inspector.

John Carter uses his 40+ years of Carpet Inspection and report writing experiences to help each student develop their own skills with personal evaluations of each students written reports that are completed during the course. Each student then completes the course with the necessary confidence to write an accurate and convincing inspection report that complies with the IICRC report writing requirements.

The exhaustive technical information presented during the course is presented with the aid of PowerPoint and video to enhance the learning process of each student. John also presents hundreds of photos during the course, which are representative of every type of inspection problem that the inspector may encounter. Each student will literally have the benefit of seeing all types of mill defects, installation errors, and end-user related problems before even starting out on their new career.

John has developed his own course manuals, rather than using standard manuals written for the industry by other authors, in order for the course materials to be presented within the framework of the most efficient teaching style and strategy. The course materials are very well organized and easy to navigate, which makes taking the open book test a much easier task than in the past.

Carpet Inspector Training is on the cutting edge of the instructional revolution in our industry and utilize the highest quality power point instructional aids to provide each student with the best possible classroom learning environments.

Our Senior Carpet Inspector Course is approved by the IICRC, and adhere to the strict quality standards required by that organization. However, we also realize the importance presenting our coursework in an organized and easy to learn format. We have spent countless hours to insure that the information we present is easy to understand, while at the same time creating the desire to learn more.

John Carter is the instructor for the IICRC approved “Senior Carpet Inspector Course” , and has been in the carpet related industry since 1977. John has also been a practicing inspector since the early 1980′s. This extensive industry experience translates into only the highest quality of instruction, which stems from being able to teach from a field experience frame of reference.

The course is taught from the ” Inspector perspective”, with heavy emphasis on the psychological frame of mind necessary to be a successful Senior Carpet Inspector. Furthermore, each instructor helps the prospective inspector how to write concise to the point  inspections for the carpet mill industry and third party inspections.

During the six day course each student is required to write actual carpet inspection reports based on real life case studies, for a total of seven reports. The very next morning all written reports are critiqued and analyzed, for all students to benefit from.

In addition, John Carter is well known in the industry for his unique ability to perform successful sidematch dye corrections, as well as an array of other critical field corrections. He will show you how to be an invaluable resource to the major carpet mills.

John’s Style of investigation and exhaustive report writing techniques has resulted in numerous victories in America’s courtrooms and he will teach you how to write reports that no one will want to challenge. Our other guest instructors will also add to the quality educational experience and provide unique perspective not found in any other competitive course.