Does CRS provide any follow-up support for the students that take the Senior Carpet Inspector Course?

We offer a coaching package for follow-up support and students can take advantage of that right after taking the course.

How do I market myself as a carpet inspector if I am in the “probationary status” with the IICRC?

While you cannot market yourself as an “IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspector” until you receive that certification from the IICRC, you can refer to yourself as a “Certified Carpet Inspector”, as long as you fulfill the requirements from the CRS course of instruction. CRS will issue a certificate of “Certification” to each student completing the CRS Senior Carpet Inspector Course on the last day of instruction.

How much can you make as an inspector?

I am finding that the average residential inspection in different parts of the country starts at a minimum of $150.00, to a high of $250.00 for a very basic inspection. Sometimes travel fees are the reason for the spread between the low and the high. A simple residential inspection takes about 20 minutes, and writing the report will take another 15 to 20 minutes, as long as some type of inspection writing software is being used (NOTE: There is inspection writing software included in the CRS Inspector course materials). Commercial inspections normally start at around $300.00 and increase depending upon complexity and travel requirements. Additional services for corrective work also can be very profitable for the carpet inspector.

How much should I expect to spend on the necessary tools for conducting carpet inspections?

If you have a quality camera on your cell phone, this is normally sufficient for most inspection requirements. There are some attachments I discuss during the class when teaching about photography. A complete inspection kit with most of what you need will cost between $1500 to $2000 and we discuss all of the tools you need and how they are used during the class.

Is it better to receive the course materials beforehand in order to better prepare myself for take the SCI course and the exam?

Most of the course materials are reference type documents, with the exception of the report writing manual. The main course manual is very well organized and is easily navigated to find needed technical information. This manual will serve as a future reference document for your career as a Carpet Inspector, and is not necessary to memorize any of the information, but simply being able to reference it is what’s important. All of the answers relating to the IICRC exam questions are contained within this manual, and since the exam is an “OPEN BOOK” exam, the important issue is just being able to find the answers to the question that you don’t know, and is not a difficult task with our main course manual. Since report writing is a learned skill that is best taught by a professional, having the report writing manual in advance would be of little help.

Is there room for more inspectors in my area?

As with any new business venture, you must conduct your own market study that is focused on your market area. You can do a search for inspectors from the IICRC web site and determine how many active inspectors there are in or around your area. Keep in mind that some of the inspectors listed may or may not be active. The biggest problem that the inspection industry has is timeliness for inspection services. Many areas have several inspectors, but they are not able to provide inspection services in a timely manner for the person requesting inspection services. This is a big problem for the carpet mills, and they are constantly searching for qualified inspectors that can serve their inspection requests promptly.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Senior Carpet Inspector Course?

You will need to make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements for the prerequisites for the class, which are the CCT. and the RRT.

What is the cost for taking the IICRC test at the end of the Senior Inspector Course?

The test fee is $150.00 and is payable directly to the IICRC.

What will happen if I fail to pass the IICRC Certification Examination?

If for some reason a student does not pass the Senior exam, the exam may be retaken by arrangement with your local library or other approved agency. The student must call the IICRC to arrange to retake the exam.

Why Should I choose Carpet Inspector Training?

John Carter and Mike West will deliver the highest quality instruction for the Senior Inspector Course. John is not only certified and trained in the field of Carpet Inspection; he also brings over 30 years of successful experience to the classroom in the fields of Carpet Cleaning, Water/Fire Restoration, and Carpet Installation/Repair services. In addition to this John began his career becoming an expert in color repair and sidematch dye correction, and is respected by carpet mills across the country for his expert knowledge of color.

Will I be an “IICRC Certified Inspector” when I pass the IICRC exam?

No, you will be listed as a “Probationary Inspector” upon successfully passing the IICRC exam. You will be signing a “Probationary Inspector Agreement” with the IICRC that requires submission of at least 6 reports to the IICRC within a year of passing the examination. The schedule for submitting the reports are as follows: Submit 3 full reports and do not submit any others until you receive notice back from the IICRC that you can submit the next batch. Submit the next 3 full reports and wait for further instructions from the IICRC. You may be required to submit additional reports or you will receive your final certification from the IICRC for Senior Carpet Inspector.