Course Materials

The following is a list of what materials you will receive at the CRS Senior Carpet Inspector course. The primary course manuals, with the exception of the IICRC Field Reference Guide, are personally authored by John Carter and reflect his exhaustive experience as a practicing carpet inspector.

The software that is included in the CRS Inspector tuition includes the IICRC Electronic Inspection Report Form that each student will use during the course to write the required reports.

There is also an additional Electronic Report Generator designed by John Carter that is provided and will be demonstrated during the class. All inspection reports written during the course must be written with the IICRC software so the student is proficient when generating the reports that need to be submitted to the IICRC for final certification.

The additional reference documents are a compiled list of resource materials that the practicing inspector will need for reference materials.

Course Manuals

  • Carpet Inspector handbook
  • Report Writing Manual
  • IICRC Field Reference Guide


  • IICRC Electronic Report Form
  • CRS Inspector Report Generator

Additional Reference Documents

General Documents  CRS Technical Bulletins  DuPont Documents
  • ActionBac Double-Stick
  • ActionBac Stretch In
  • Allergen Paper
  • Allergy Claims Unproved
  • Antimicrobial Antron – White Paper
  • Bill Smith on Indoor Air Quality
  • Black Stains on Carpet
  • Carpet vs Hard Surface
  • CIM Senior Inspecor Manual
  • European Respira Health Survey
  • HUD Building Product Standards
  • IICRC – Blank Diagram
  • IICRC Cleaning & Maintenance
  • IICRC Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Prevalence of Asthma
  • Recycling Activities Table
  • School Environments
  • SCI Inspection Form
  • Swedish Chart


  • CRS – Report Writing Manual
  • SCI Manual form CRS
  • SCI Inspection Form


  • Warranties at a Glance
  • DuPont – Antron Nylon Warranty
  • Dupont – Lumena Warranty
  • DuPont – Dolution Died Nylon Wty
  • Wear Dated Warranty
  • Amercans w/Disabilities Act
  • Average Pile Yarn Density
  • Carpet & Rugs Flammability
  • Carpet & Heated Floors
  • Carpet & Indoor Air Quality
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Carpet Surface Appearance
  • Carpet Treatment
  • Characteristics of Carpet
  • Patterned Carpet
  • Cornrowing
  • Discoloration of Floor Coverings
  • Dust Mites
  • Filtration Soiling
  • FLA Schools IAQ Study
  • Flammability & Carpet Safety
  • Fluorine Content Test
  • Formaldehyde Statement
  • Fruit & Sport Beverages
  • Guidance for Restretching
  • Identifying Carpet Pile Fiber
  • Kawasake Syndrome
  • Mold & Indoor Air Quality
  • Peaking Seams
  • Pet Urine & Carpet
  • Pile Reversal Watermarking
  • Recommended IAQ Specs
  • Roll Crush
  • School Carpet Specs
  • School Carpet Maintenance
  • Static Control
  • Water Damaged Carpet





  • Antron Nylon
  • Recycled Content Mkt Update
  • XTI Nylon
  • Antron – White Paper
  • Carpet & Office Electronics
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Solution Died Nylon

CRI Documents

  • Carpet Construction
  • Carpet Industry Overview
  • Carpet Inspector Glossary
  • Carpet Installation
  • Carpet Maintenance
  • Carpet Myghs
  • Carpet Specifications
  • CRI-IAQ – Green Label Testing
  • CRI Carpet Primers 1 – 5
  • Cri Carpet Primer Glossary
  • Dirt & Dust in Your Home
  • Standard for Installation of Commercial Carpet CRI-104
  • Standard for Installation of Residential Carpet CRI-105
  • Vacuum IAQ Testing Program

Cotrerra Documents

  • Extended Floor Testing
  • New Polymeric Fiber
  • New TP Polyester Family
  • Polymer for Fibers
  • The Fiber of Performance
  • Corterra Carpet Brochure
  • Corterra PTT
  • Texturing of Corterra BCF