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You’ll love the improved earning potential as a Senior Carpet Inspector!

Complete your Carpet Inspector Training is as little as 5 days! Today, Carpet Inspectors’ certified by IICRC are in high demand.   Take a step forward and invest in yourself now.

Sidematch Dye Correction Course

Acquire your sidematch color repair skills in as little as 5 days!

Today, Carpet Inspectors’ that have color repair skills are in high demand. Take a step forward and invest yourself now. For as little as $1895.00 you can become a certified color repair Specialist and start earning extra income immediately.


John Carter – is the Carpet Inspector University primary instructor for the IICRC approved “Senior Carpet Inspectors Course” , and has been in the carpet related industry since 1978. John has also been a practicing carpeting inspector since the early 1980’s. This extensive industry experience translates into only the highest quality of instruction, which stems from being able to teach from a field experience frame of reference.

John also teaches from the ” Inspector perspective”, with heavy emphasis on the psychological frame of mind necessary to be a successful Senior Carpet Inspector. Furthermore, John teaches the prospective inspector how to write concise ” to the point” inspections for the carpet mill industry. Each day of the Senior Carpet Inspector Course, all students are required to write an actual carpet inspection report based upon a case study. The very next morning each students written report is critiqued and analyzed individually, for all students to learn and benefit from.

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Our Courses

IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector

This course design for them who has CCT and RRT certificat already as this is advance course.

Sidematch Dye Correction Course

This Course includes the IICRC Color Repair Technician Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a coaching package for follow-up support and students can take advantage of that right after taking the course and is normally discounted by 50%
Yes, on day three we have a complete Carpet Mill Tour and Professional Testing Laboratory Tour. If we have time we also tour an extrusion plant
While you cannot market yourself as an “IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspector” until you receive that certification from the IICRC, you can refer to yourself as a “Certified Carpet Inspector”, as long as you fulfill the requirements from the CRS course of instruction. CRS will issue a certificate of “Certification” to each student completing the CRS Senior Carpet Inspector Course on the last day of instruction.
I am finding that the average residential inspection in different parts of the country starts at a minimum of $150.00, to a high of $250.00 for a very basic inspection. Sometimes travel fees are the reason for the spread between the low and the high. A simple residential inspection takes about 20 minutes, and writing the report will take another 15 to 20 minutes, as long as some type of inspection writing software is being used (NOTE: There is inspection writing software included in the CRS Inspector course materials). Commercial inspections normally start at around $300.00 and increase depending upon complexity and travel requirements. Additional services for corrective work also can be very profitable for the carpet inspector.
This will vary depending upon the quality of the camera you choose, and how many of the inspector tools you want to purchase ahead of time. The camera is absolutely critical and if you don’t already have a good digital camera, you will need to purchase one. I would suggest you refrain from purchasing a new camera until after you have taken the course, because I will have some specific recommendations. You should plan to spend at least $500 and as much as $1000 for the camera that you will need. As far as tools are concerned, I think you will need a minimum of $300 to get started. You can purchase the entire list of tools necessary along with a case right after the class, or accumulate them as you see necessary and you can purchase specialty tools directly from our site.
Yes, Southern California is full of interesting sights to see, shopping opportunities, and Theme Parks.
Most of the course materials are reference type documents, with the exception of the report writing manual. The main course manual is very well organized and is easily navigated to find needed technical information. This manual will serve as a future reference document for your career as a Carpet Inspector, and is not necessary to memorize any of the information, but simply being able to reference it is what’s important. All of the answers relating to the IICRC exam questions are contained within this manual, and since the exam is an “OPEN BOOK” exam, the important issue is just being able to find the answers to the question that you don’t know, and is not a difficult task with our main course manual. Since report writing is a learned skill that is best taught by a professional, having the report writing manual in advance would be of little help.

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